Whether you are an individual, an analyst team, or a specialist financial services company,

As long as aspiring to develop in the financial sector, and have enough knowledge, interest and customer resources can immediately apply to become Global Immense agency.

If you are the forex trader, then becoming a Forex Agent will lower your transaction costs.

Welcome to Global Immense !

Become a professional agent.
Global Immense will give you a perfect IB course.
Provide a better starting platform.

Advantages of becoming IB in Global Immense

  • Much Commission back to the the agent, you can immediately withdrawal from the account

  • Spreads cost caould be lower than other platforms

  • STP quickly submitted

  • Apply without any minimum requirements

  • Global Immense promise not to charge any agent, franchise fee

Global Immense’s support and cooperation programs

Global Immense is committed to providing every partner with a partner attitude to provide continuous improvement, profitable development programs. Partnerships as the starting point of the agency cooperation program will certainly help each agent in the industry to obtain sustained performance improvement and financial success.

Global Immense will provide you with

  1. Development programs provided by the world’s leading financial institutions
  2. A comprehensive market development program for your area
  3. Acting training, industry development and technical guidance
  4. Whether you or your customers, will receive 24/7 technical support
  5. Issued agents authorized certificates for your development customers to provide credit support
  6. Promotion activities support: to help agents organize marketing activities around, such as holding investment seminars, etc.
  7. Experienced mentors can be arranged for professional training in your city
  8. A powerful back-end system with full-center interface supports real-time commission statistics, billing and browsing commission reports, making customer transaction information more intuitive and convenient.

The most open model to join in,
so that every partner can easily join and enjoy a full set of Global Immense business cooperation services.


Steps of become a Global Immense agent
Step 1: Open a real account
Step 2: Contact your personal account manager or head of marketing in Global Immense
Step 3: Apply to become an agent, start your agent business immediately after the approval

Privacy Policy: Any information collected by Global Immense Ltd including your name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, etc., is provided directly by you and is only used to: confirm your identity and contact details, and open Set up your trading account, set up trading account and password for you, maintain your account activities, contact you for account information, or other reasons. Our company not only provides services in the field of business, but also guarantees the privacy of each and every one of our clients completely safe. This policy applies not only to current customers but also past and future customers.
Risk Warning: The products offered by our company are margin trades. Risk involved in foreign exchange trading via margin may not be suitable for all investors. high Leverage can help customers make a profit or make a loss. Therefore, before investing or buying or selling decisions, you must carefully consider the purpose of the investment and the maximum risk you can afford. Customers may suffer some or all of the loss of money, if you can not afford to lose, please do not rush to invest. If you have any questions, please seek advice from an independent financial adviser.
Disclaimer: All information provided by Bumblebee is for your own research only and is not intended as a suggestion or implication of any investment or financial decision made by you.