Trader should do his best, to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities, concerned about how to do a good job for each transaction. This is not training on paper, we take the
training mode on combination of theoretical study and practice. Trader need to learn and apply effective, standardized and scientific trading methods and be proficient at it. Just as Quantum Fund chief-trader Duken Miller said: keep the principal, hit the home run. This is our purpose and the realm of trainer training.

Global Immense Ltd.. take targeted teaching and explanation for traders, investors, traders. Courses will be arranged as real-time teaching on financial information website, real-time teaching on communication platform (QQ, WeChat, WeChat platform, and network communication platform). In non-real-time teaching session, one-on-one teaching and training may also be conducted for individuals. And regularly announced lecturer tutorial and recording video and teaching video.

At the same time, analysis from transaction is also synchronous for the majority of investment enthusiasts and training trader of the company. If you encounter any problems or difficulties, feel free to send message to our customer service , we will be the first time let the teacher to give you the most timely reply and responsibility to help you solve all the difficulties.




  • The basic concept of IB manager

  • IB manager’s job title and property

  • The conditions, capabilities and requirements of the IB managers .

  • How to set up your personal IB manager mode

  • IB managers with targeted development model and the collective development model

  • How to create your IB team

  • How to properly use your IB advantages to carry out your market

  • IB technology bridge structures

  • The importance of platform and brokerage options

  • How to upgrade to become a dealer and broker


Master lectures are launching on a financial people venture capital platform called FBS, combined with the current Internet era, the latest trends, as well as public entrepreneurship, innovation to promote win-win financial and investment industry reform , helping ordinary people to achieve entrepreneur dream, wealth dream faster.

In short, FBS platform (富布師in Chinese) is a bridge between financial investment enterprises and the general public, giving top-quality financial resources and pass promotion costs directly to the ordinary people and enabling all to enjoy large-scale financial service levels as well as the benefits of development in the financial industry.

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