Foreign exchange

The world's largest trading volume, the average daily trading volume is more than 5 trillions+

Foreign exchange introduction

Foreign Exchange (abbreviated as Foreign Exchange) refers to the foreign currency or foreign currency denominated means of payment and assets that can be used for international settlement, including credit notes, vouchers, securities and foreign exchange cash.

Forex trading is the simultaneous sale of another currency by buying one of a pair of currency pairs simultaneously, such as EUR / USD or USD / JPY.

Foreign exchange markets, also known as “Forex” or “FX” markets, are the largest financial markets in the world with an average daily turnover of more than 4 trillion U.S. dollars – more than three times the sum of all U.S. securities transactions .

The concept of trading foreign exchange is very simple: a commodity that can be exchanged with other currencies. By trading currencies, forex traders earn a spread by fluctuating exchange rates. The great charm of the currency market is the very low transaction costs. This means that the transaction can be completed in a very short period of time, as short as a few seconds, you can also deal for longer periods.

Forex Trading Advantage

  1. The most active and liquid financial market in the world
  2. Low-cost, high-return margin trading
  3. 5 days 24 hours trading
  4. Investment speculation two appropriate, such as a steady investment to reduce the financial leverage can be
  5. Foreign exchange market liquidity high, the implementation of T +0 system
  6. Two-way trading, both bullish or bearish profit opportunities
  7. Objective and fair market, not easy to operate by man

Major currency​

There are about 170 currencies around the world. However, the main trading activity is concentrated in seven major currency pairs, which account for about one-third of the global total foreign exchange volume.


Major currency pairs include

EUR / USD (27%) CHF / USD (5%)
USD / JPY (13%) USD / CAD (4%)
GBP / USD (12%) NZD / USD (4%)
AUD / USD (6%)

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