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Automatic Trading System (EA) Introduction

The Automated Trading System (EA) is a sophisticated trading software tool that is a set of automated trading tools written specifically for the MT4 platform.

EA is the easiest way to trade Forex 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, to help traders automate trades. And each EA has a set of pre-implantation of specific trading rules in order to perform the transaction on your trading platform, and can provide market analysis and trading account Jiancang, liquidation and so on.

Compared with manual operation, one of the great advantages of EA is that it can eliminate all emotional or psychological pressure during the transaction. The entire transaction process is completely mechanical operation. The execution of orders is also based on logic, and the orders are settled according to the preset conditions. In addition, EA can track indices, resistance and support levels over time. Some mature EA can even adjust the stop loss and take profit to adapt to different market dynamics and conditions, to help you make the trading decision quickly.

In addition, the advanced technology of the Global Immense automated trading system allows traders to avoid having to day-and-night, and can automate trades under unexpected conditions such as power loss, no network, not in the same place. Traders need not worry about the trading losses that will be caused by external factors. At any time, any place, in any case, EA is automatically traded, so that wealth will automatically grow.

The advantages of automated trading systems

Strategy feasibility

Automatic trading system under normal circumstances, require a long period of testing and historical data and a wealth of strategic supply. In addition to requiring some intelligence and analytical skills in the foreign exchange market, experience is also essential. Forex traders Technically skilled traders usually edit EA programs based on their judgment of the market and their use of experience, and through effective market analysis, set a series of viable strategies to provide the system with the ability to trade automatically. Late also need to be based on changes in the market, the strategy to modify and optimize. In order to ensure the feasibility of automated trading strategy. This automated trading system is a founders of trading experience with 30 years of experience, providing effective trading strategies and market analysis strategy. And by the professional software development team for editing settings, after a long period of testing and firm use, to ensure the feasibility of the strategy.


Stability is the most important factor in automated trading systems. Long-term testing, historical data and verification of historical transactions are important proof of the “steady” measures of automated trading systems. Among them, also need to improve the database management mode in order to support the operation of automated trading system stability. KBA automatic transaction history data and customer feedback, investors can give a relief! Strong background database support and stable platform operation, automatic trading system can be run without errors.

Fair and equitable

Global Immense Ltd has full ownership of independent intellectual property and independent use rights. Therefore, from a third-party standpoint, investors using automated trading systems can have a more fair and equitable trading environment. Trading history, operating reports, and earnings data are all available to users of automated trading systems. During the use and trading period, the automatic trading system will be completely transparent, investors can be more fair and more assured.

Funding and usage safety

During the operation of the automatic trading system, it is reasonable and lawful to carry out the trading agreement and have the special person to carry out the control over the funds and provide deep protection to the funds and the use.

Automatic admission automatically played

The automated trading system offered by KBA Global Investments will automatically target entry and exit times with big data analytics and changes in market conditions. This avoids the mistakes made by human judgment, as well as the impact of personal emotions, thereby increasing profit opportunities and ensuring a more stable earnings.

Strict risk control mechanism

Each transaction has a system automatically set a strict stop-loss profit and loss points, so as to maximize profitability and risk minimization, minimize the transaction funds based on the risk of winning the maximum profit. Avoid the human judgment and dare to lose the mentality of dare to win.

Significant news events will automatically stop trading

When there is a drastic change in market conditions caused by a sudden economic event or major news in the market, the automatic trading system will automatically shut down and stop all transactions before and after the event to avoid the trading risk caused by the drastic fluctuations. In order to ensure the safety of investors trading and avoid the risk of transactions, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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