In the oil futures contracts, crude oil futures trading volume is the largest species.

Foreign exchange

The world’s largest trading volume, the average daily trading volume of trillion +

Precious metal

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium constitute the majority of trading in precious metals.

Stock index

Stock index is one of the most popular investment products.


CFD could reflect the price changes of stocks or indexes and offer the profits or losses brought about by price fluctuations, without possessing the stocks or index futures actually.

Crude oil

Crude oil, the so-called slugger, is the most important oil futures commodity. It is the only core energy for global economic development and national strategic reserve. It is an internationally important investment project.

Crude oil trading advantage

  1. Carry out T +0 trading model, you can always buy, sell
  2. Market focus products – the king of black gold, rare non-renewable resources, global supply and demand continued tight
  3. Analysis of transactions is simple
  4. High lever, low input, high return
  5. Investment opportunities, each time the price fluctuations can bring the opportunity to buy and sell
  6. Low fees, quotations transparent, fair and equitable transactions

Example of crude oil trading

WTI crude oil rose from 46.65 to 47.75 if a customer with a premium account performs the following transaction:

Product: WTI Crude

Trading Size: 1000 Barrels

Base Value: $ 10

Venture Capital: $ 1,500

Buy Price: 46.65 Close

Price: 47.75

Spread: (47.75-46.65) = 1.10 The

deal is profitable at 110 pips

110 * 10 USD = 1100 Dollar

profit: 1100 US dollars

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