CFD could reflect the price changes of stocks or indexes and offer the profits or losses brought about by price fluctuations, without possessing the stocks or index futures actually.

Foreign exchange

The world’s largest trading volume, the average daily trading volume of trillion +

Precious metal

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium constitute the majority of trading in precious metals.


In the oil futures contracts in crude oil futures trading volume is the largest species.

Stock index

Stock index is one of the most popular investment products.


CFDs are the latest and most promising financial derivatives in the world, the purpose is to earn the future price of the financial products to complete the current price spreads.
Instead of really wanting to own this financial product.

It can be any investment product already in existence in the world as long as it exists in the future.

CFD trading advantage

  1. Transaction fee is low
  2. Order execution is fast
  3. Spreads large space
  4. Extensive investment products.

CFD trading hours

The transaction time is on the list of traded products.

For example, CFD trading hours in the United States

from 16:30 to 23:00 (GMT +2),

CFD futures trading time according to the goods, the time is different.


CFD transaction fee

  • CFD stock trading volume of 0.1% per lot.
    Fees = lots * 100 * Opening price * 0.1%
  • CFD futures trading fee of 1 hand 10 US dollars.
    PS: The fee is only charged once for the order in both cases.

Trading example

We expect AAPL (Apple Inc.) shares to rise.
The current trading system’s purchase price is 95.40 US dollars, selling price is 95.38 US dollars. Buy 400 shares (4 lots) on the current price of $ 95.50:
a). KO Buy 400 shares (4 lots) at 95.50
We hope that two hours later, the purchase price increases and the current price of 95.88 US dollars, selling price of 95.86 US dollars.
In order to maintain profits, the stock was sold before the $ 95.86 bid was made.

b) KO Sell 400 shares (4 lots) at .86
As a result, the profit per share is 46 cents (.86 – .40), 400 shares is the profit of 184 dollars.
KBA each hand fee is 0.1%. In the current case, the fee is $ 38.16 (.40 * 400 * 0.1%). The final fund shows a result of USD 145.84 (4 – .16)

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