Global Immense Ltd. started its own research and development of foreign exchange automatic trading system. On the basis of fully automatic trading system of foreign exchange, it also provides customers with a reliable, stable and safe (STP) straight-through trading platform. Through the straight through processing system (STP) of the electronic trading network, cooperated with several banks, pass customer orders to the market automatically,with low spreads, high-speed transaction, high transparency. By 30 year-experienced forex traders, we work with investors to create a brand new investment philosophy and make mutual benefit and win-win as the ultimate core objective.

MetaTrader5 is a trading platform for foreign exchange, precious metals CFDs, indices. Is currently the world’s most investors favoured and trusted trading platform, serving the world’s many well-known brokers.

In addition to operating independently, MetaTrader5 includes charts, technical analysis, transaction performance statistics and other functions. And there are PC version and mobile version, allowing you to enjoy the fun of trading all over the world.

STP transaction system

STP, Full name Straight though processing, where no trader quoting at the backstage and controlling market prices (ie, there is no market making or betting with the client), orders from all clients are passed directly to the liquidity provider (ie other brokers and banks), buy / sell prices are determined by those liquidity providers. Reduce the risk that the market will not be able to cope with the black swan market.

Automatic Trading System (EA)

Forex Expert Advisor EA is a suite of software specifically designed for use on the MT5 platform that automates the trading process. R & D development with years of experienced foreign exchange traders, programming, the computer according to the trader’s idea of the implementation of trading procedures, and “there is the advantage of excluding human emotions.»

Comprehensive service

Should you have any questions or concerns during the transaction, you may contact Global Immense Ltd, customer service at any time via email, so that you can have any assistance in the transaction.

In addition, we also provide you with private coaching courses, so you have a more complete system-training to attain the goal of a stable and profitable in the foreign exchange market.Learn more detailed course content, please contact us.

Professional consultant team

In order to provide better services, there are various auxiliary resources such as daily video and audio analysis, Facebook’s non-regular updates of current affairs, various video teaching and offline lectures so that you can get close to interact with instructors and get timely replies.

Our pursuit is long-term development and meet the needs of all stakeholders (customers, partners), not short-term performance.

Privacy Policy: Any information collected by Global Immense Ltd including your name, address,phone number, e-mail, etc., is provided directly by you and is only used to: confirm your identity and contact details, and open your trading account, set up trading account and password for you, maintain your account activities, contact you for account information, or other reasons. Our company not only provides services in the field of business, but also guarantees the privacy of each and every one of our clients completely safe. This policy applies not only to current customers but also past and future customers.

Risk Warning: The products offered by our company are margin trades. Risk involved in foreign exchange trading via margin may not be suitable for all investors. High leverage can help customers make a profit or make a loss. Therefore, before investing or buying or selling decisions, you must carefully consider the purpose of the investment and the maximum risk you can afford. Customers may suffer some or all of the loss of money, if you can not afford to lose, please do not rush to invest. If you have any questions, please seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

Disclaimer: All information provided by Global Immense Ltd is for your own research only and is not intended as a suggestion or implication of any investment or financial decision made by you.